Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Blood story

My Blood Story
My blood story is about when I rode my bike into a tree… Lets begin the story.

Me and my sister Maia wanted to ride our bikes outside. So my sister asked my mum if we could ride our bikes. Mum said “yes you may”. So we got our bikes out of the shed and put on our helmets and started riding. I for a start was not watching where I was going and BAM! I rode right into a tree and both my elbows and knees were bleeding.  I screamed for mum my sister ran inside and got my mum “MUM!!!” I yelled she came running. “What happened?” said mum. “I was riding my bike and then I hit the tree,” I said. Mum brung me inside. I sat on the bench. Mum told my sister to grab 4 plasters because I was bleeding on both my elbows and both my knees. Mum plastered me up and then I got a hot chocolate and a biscuit and I got to watch tv. It was the best/worst day of my life. the end.

Monday, October 13, 2014

My kayaking and yachting diary

Here is my kayaking and yachting diaryKayaking and yachting diary

Part 1
Today is the first day we are going to the kayak and yacht YAY I am soooooo exited.
For today I hope I don't (capsize) that would be bad the water would  how be cold really cold.
But I don't think we will be capsizing today there is not much wind But we will be all right.Today I think Ezra cap sized yea he did he soaking wet Brooklyn nearly got we t but her boat was full of water how scary but she was alright.

Part 2

That day phew Jess looes there was no and I mean no wind we had to paddle it was tough but we all got through it me briar and Kelly went together yay it's was the time of my life shame it ended on Friday real shame.

Part 3

Today it is really windy I think we are going to Cape size so I went with Brooklyn and briar it was fun though it was scary because we nearly capsized (ooooooooo) said briar(ahhhhh) said briar again
She was really scared me briar and Brooklyn nearlly tipped that was the scariest moment.