Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Production Diary part 1

My production diary

Dear diary it’s me just want to tell you that in the production I am a whale. Isn't that cool and my part is: He’s the one to remove the tapu around fishing, and I also know two people one in front of me and one after me so I am pretty organized but I need to be a bit louder and slower but I’m fine. the only dislike I have is doing the production in front of over 200 people but I think I will get over it.Today we went and practiced in the hall on the stage and I had to yell but it was alright at-least I am okay. I am looking forward to performing
in front of 120-130 people  we have just rehearsed and it was great at the end me and room 21,18,10. There were lights and disco lights. It was fun!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My wonder art

This is my wonder art I used blue,brown and green. i am very proud of my work.
This is Via.She is. lonely,fancy friend,neat girl,sister,cute,lovely,nice. She is also August's sister.

Collecting seashells.

On Sunday I went to the beach me and my sister found some cool things I found 13 things and my sister found 5 here are the things I collected .

First i found a paua shell
Second I found 5 weird shells
Third I found 2 rocks with fossilized shell on it.
 2 weird blood stones well that is what I call them
And 2 broken bits of shell
These are all of my shells.