Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maths Knowledge Test

My maths knowledge test

my score was  23
and my percentage is 46 (%)

 Knowledge Goal and Reflection 29/07/14

I got  23 /50, 46 % for stage 5 number knowledge.

I did well in multiplication facts and addition and subtraction

My number knowledge goal is division facts

Something I am proud of is getting all of the multiplication facts right

Something I want to learn more about is  division facts
Here is my test.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stuck in the gorge

So there I was sitting in the front seat. My three sisters in the back. Then I kept pressing the head light buttons. I see my mum holding on too the hand brake. Suddenly I feel a big THUMP!!! She said we ran over a rock and it cut open the radiator. Mum was in a panic so I grabbed her phone and rang 111 and asked for the police. Then we rang for a tow truck.

The policeman came within half an hour. He gave my mum his jacket and he gave me his hat which mum took a photo of me wearing and put it on Facebook. It was embarrassing.

So it took 8 hours to get home. When we got home me, Maia, Jayla and Willow were all nearly asleep. So we went to bed. I was brave and everything turned out right.   

Based on "Fortune favours the bold" from Wonder.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our town

Here is our town. Brooklyn and I did a lot, since it is so big.

.Successes criteria is.
* Accurate measurements .
*scale for your plan (and town).
* use 10 x tables to upscale.
* six main things a town needs.
*plan so the roads connect.

How we made it:
On a small gridded piece of paper. When we were finished the plan, on the black pieces of paper.